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"Wow Brian, I must say I have never had my questions so thoroughly answered before in a support email. Usually the support reply mail partially answers the question and, as a consequence, generates more questions, however that email not only answered my question from at least 5 different angles and then pre-answered questions that I would have as a result of reading this email. So I am floored to say the least. Just wanted to say thank you for a stellar job. Thanks again for your fantastic help Brian. I really am thoroughly impressed with my Revisitors experience thus far."

"Well you definitely stunned me. Knowledge is a powerful thing. I now know I could have just emailed you and said please send me my link and log-in information. You said it right when you said you were real...lol I have dealt with companies on the internet that wont return phone calls or emails... Frustrating. Yup, they get my money once, but not twice. I am sitting here smiling because you called me to straighten out the communication problem we had. I can tell you that I feel confident that I will remember you and your company the next time I order. Thank you so much for the call."
Pete Schmidt

"Steve, thank you so much for your help in setting up my campaign and your willingness to answer my questions. I have tried many, many programs, and nothing was as effective as yours. I love the way I can track my traffic, and the way my newsletter signups increased this week. I guarantee many more orders! Thanks!"
Kathleen Rogers

"My name is Michael Eliassen and I would like to let you in on a little secret! I have the need from time to time to advertise for some of my adventures and believe me there is NO PROBLEM finding a marketing company, the PROBLEM is finding one that DOES WHAT IT SAYS IT WILL AND WITH NO HASSLE! I came across Steve and REVISITORS by accident and let me tell you what a blessing its been!!! Steve has bent over backwards and done cartwheels to try to keep me happy and he has succeeded!!! I hope Steve knows that he's got a very satisfied customer who plans on a long and rewarding relationship!! Steve,Thank You for going the extra mile when so many wouldn't! Thanks for restoring my hope in humanity!!! Your friend, Michael "
Michael Eliassen

"I have had bad luck with my advertising for Satellite TV in the past. 21 fraudulent orders total were made between this year and last. I shouldn't have ever tried bogus internet advertising agencies, albeit its hard to tell without trying to see which ones offer real advertising. I am thankful that legitimate web based advertising companies, such as Revisitors, exist on the internet. In fact, I haven't been able to find a second entirely legitimate web based advertising company ever, so thank you for your GREAT and UNPRECEDENTED service."
Aron Lyrd - Alternative/Rap Band

"I have had the great pleasure to recently work with Revisitors.com on a large scale web site traffic project for BBWClubWear.com. From the first stages of the project through its completion Revisitors.com has been a wealth of knowledge, insightful, professional, detailed, reliable and dedicated beyond all expectations. The service and the amount of qualified web traffic we received was exemplary. I would recommend Revisitors.com with the highest accolades to any organization searching for a professional and cost effective resource to meet their business needs."
Timothy O'Toole

"I have purchased 5000 visits and I have received 120 so far. I did get a sale on the 17th visit and made $80 so far on my $29 advertising investment. 1 or 2 more sales in the next 4880 clicks and I will be very excited!!"
Tom Metz

"After spending thousands of dollars on SEO over the past few years, and wondering when it would end, I found Revisitors services after a quick search on Google. After just a few days of seeing the results of my campaign I am asking myself "Why did I spend so much money and time on SEO". Revisitors has not only offered a highly professional service but have given REAL results - and without spending thousands of dollars. Excellent service. HIGHLY recommended to ANY web-master that is looking for REAL results in REAL time."
David A. Elliott

"I have already made 5 orders at this website and I'm completely satisfied - You're the best!"
Todd Russell

"I must say I have never had my questions so thoroughly answered before in a support email."
Michelle K.